Charles Rath, CEO & President, RS21  "This moment. This city. There is more that unites us than divides us. We must embrace One Albuquerque and come together to overcome our challenges and propel this great city to new heights.  This is our time. This is our legacy."
Emily Dunkin, Events Director, Keshet Dance & Center for the Arts / KIIC  "I support #OneAlbuquerque because our community is a beacon for the arts, a melting pot of diversity, a safe haven for all, a home for kindness and culture runs in our veins. We should find strength and value in our uniqueness and share this amount our community and with the world!"
Rafael Vigil, ABQ Citizen Born and Raised  "My #OneAlbuquerque efforts should complement your #OneAlbuquerque efforts even if our visions are separate or unrelated. All boats float when the tide is high.  Raised here, stayed here, part of the change here."
Van Overton, Executive Director, SpreadLove ABQ  "Albuquerque is an incredibly special place. A place of love, hope, promise and magic...I see it every day in the hearts of the communities, children, educators and organizations I work with. There is no other place I'd rather be. I love this city so much that I named my nonprofit #SpreadLoveABQ. I am proud to say that I am part of our One Albuquerque."
Kristelle Siarza, CEO, Siarza Social Digital  "OneAlbuquerque. We are the family or entrepreneur and business owners that provide for our community at large. We are the people who put in the sweat equity and the financial capital for our Burqueños to work and live a prosperous life. We are #OneAlbuquerque."
Kate Williams, Career Services Manager  "I'm a transplant to Albuquerque, but I've loved it from the moment I saw my first sunset stretch across the sky. Albuquerque is a city that will embrace you, challenge you, and win your heart with its spirit and energy. I've watched my city unite to fight for the rights of others, for a safer and more equitable world, to protect our most vulnerable with our collective power and love."
Chris Jackson, Brew Crew, NM Dark Side  "One Albuquerque to me is best exemplified by our local breweries. What started as simple places to gather and have a beer have become so much more. They are venues for our musicians, vendors, artists, and performers. They showcase our work ethic, our commitment to quality, our creativity and ingenuity. They bring together people from all walks of life fro across the city and give them a sense of community."
Ben Shaw, Owner, Archetype Tattoo  "Albuquerque is here that we can live in our own skin, be who we want to be, as colorful as we want to be. Personally I have sown my seeds deep into the soil of Burque as a tattoo artist and business owner. I love the artistic culture that thrives here and supports our local visions. Lately, there has been some positive movement in our city and great leadership has come into place."



Focus on historically underserved communities.

We are investing in our community by focusing on underserved neighborhoods instead of simply dividing up resources by nine City Council districts. Each of our departments from public safety (APD, AFD, FCS) to Economic Development are working to break down barriers and get services to those who need them most. We are making city services and programs accessible and equitable.


Helping all our residents and neighborhoods to be their best selves.

Though times are tough in our city, we know that we are better together. We are working to reinvigorate Burque's authentic identity as a diverse, creative city. From the mountains to the mesas, we are the soul of the southwest – an Albuquerque that shines, no matter where you're at.


Turning government inside out to empower communities.

We strive to engage a broad cross-section of our community in our decision-making. We're bringing city government out into neighborhoods and local businesses. From meetings like the Transition Capstone and Goals Forum to speeches like the State of the City to volunteer opportunities inside City Hall, people from all walks of life can get involved. This creates a city government "with livery and justice for all."


Championing our creativity and culture.

We're including the makers, artists and performers who light up our city in our peacemaking efforts. Building a Healthy Economy that Works for Everyone: We're doubling down on growing our local economy. We're working to create an economic environment where each business in our city can hire one new employee. This 'increment of one' will have a bigger impact than simply luring out-of-state companies with giveaways.


Community policing.

Our officers are spending more time out in the community, and on bikes and on foot, in trusted communication with neighborhoods and business owners. We are getting officers the resources they need to implement real community policing and restore the public trust.

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Connecting Youth and Elders #ThisIsABQ

Make time in August to engage in a community service project that connects youth and elders in our community and then challenge others to do the same. The goal is to have projects that reflect our city’s creativity, diversity, and needs.