Focus on historically underserved communities.

We are investing in our community by focusing on underserved neighborhoods instead of simply dividing up resources by nine City Council districts. Each of our departments from public safety (APD, AFD, FCS) to Economic Development are working to break down barriers and get services to those who need them most. We are making city services and programs accessible and equitable.


Helping all our residents and neighborhoods to be their best selves.

Though times are tough in our city, we know that we are better together. We are working to reinvigorate Burque's authentic identity as a diverse, creative city. From the mountains to the mesas, we are the soul of the southwest – an Albuquerque that shines, no matter where you're at.


Turning government inside out to empower communities.

We strive to engage a broad cross-section of our community in our decision-making. We're bringing city government out into neighborhoods and local businesses. From meetings like the Transition Capstone and Goals Forum to speeches like the State of the City to volunteer opportunities inside City Hall, people from all walks of life can get involved. This creates a city government "with liberty and justice for all."


Championing our creativity and culture.

We're including the makers, artists and performers who light up our city in our peacemaking efforts. Building a Healthy Economy that Works for Everyone: We're doubling down on growing our local economy. We're working to create an economic environment where each business in our city can hire one new employee. This 'increment of one' will have a bigger impact than simply luring out-of-state companies with giveaways.


Community policing.

Our officers are spending more time out in the community, and on bikes and on foot, in trusted communication with neighborhoods and business owners. We are getting officers the resources they need to implement real community policing and restore the public trust.

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Looking to get involved?

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